KD Coin Lockers for Customer Convenience
KD Coin Lockers with durable ABS Coin Locks with coin return mode for customer convenience.
1. 100% ABS; impact resistant; heat resistant
2. Easy to clean; rustless
3. Smart design for self-assembly; no tools required
4. Environmentally friendly
5. ABS locker sizes:
    S size: W31 x H35.0 x D46cm
    M size: W31 x H43.5 x D46cm
    L size: W31 x H58.0 x D46cm
KD Coin Lockers are ideal for customer convenience or a source of additional income for your business. These coin lockers are made of strong ABS plastic. They are durable, lightweight and suitable for export.
1. The Coin Lock uses a mechanical design and self-service operation without electricity or attendants.
2. Charge is based on the number of times used.
3. The Coin Lock can be set up to use 1-3 of the same coins from any country (round coins only).
4. The Coin Lock can be set for a coin retention mode or coin return mode.
5. Maintenance is easy.
6. User key cylinders are easily changed.
7. A master key controls emergency opening when a user loses the key.
8. Keys are non-duplicable
Ay-Ay International Co., Ltd. assists its customers to understand how to handle maintenance needs for the coin locks.
Coin Lock details
4 in 1 KD Coin Locker Set: H1,820mm x W440mm x D455mm
KD Packing
One Carton: H453mm x W445mm x D170mm G.W. Weight: 6.0 kg
ABS Bottom Base
H60mm x W310mm x D455mm
Stainless Steel Panel + 4 sets of Coin Locks + Cash Drawer w/ Key
H1,820mm x W130mm x D455mm
Packing carton
Lockers ready for export
Cash drawer used at the bottom of each steel panel
Lock Panel
Coin Lockers are ideal for -
aerobic dance studios, gyms, saunas
beach resorts, swimming pools
clubs, discos, pubs
wholesale centers
hospitals, rest areas
community centers, libraries
department stores, supermarkets
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Installation of User Key Cylinder
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